Friday, July 25, 2014

Krom Dragongaze: wip #1 & #2

Hi there, I'm posting in a single post the 2 steps of the wip of the new Space Wolf character Krom Dragongaze from the boxed set of Stormvlaw from Games Workshop.

Ok the idea was to finish the Nurgle Chaos Lord but then GW released the Stormclaw box aaand...
Krom Dragongaze, early wip of today painting session.
Lights, NMM, reflections... let's try them all.

I'm really happy of the result of this Ultramar... ehmm no wait! It's a Space Wolf! 
Ok I'm joking, but as you can see I painted a very bluish Wolf, maybe it's because I've painted too many Ultramarines in the past or maybe because I want to create an ice cold feeling for this miniature, and the shadows made with a prussian blue felt good to me.
I really enjoyed
myself painting NMM parts, but they are very time consuming!

Anyway, the legs are painted. On the torso you will see a lot of Space Wolves stuff to give the right feeling to this model.

First step of the wip:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Nurgle Chaos Lord - wip #01

Here it is: Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs... ehmm no wait! :D
Ok I've just started the skin tone of this Nurgle Chaos Lord; still a lot to do and probably the final tone will be totally different :D
I'm just experimenting...

Colors used:
VMC Red Leather
VMC Flat Yellow
VMC Pale Sand