Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Predator Bone Hunter - pics, video and 3D!

Here it is ma latest serious miniature!
It's a Predator Bone Hunter, an amazing model sculpted by Allan Carrasco and sold by the Swiss manufacturer Predastore.ch... sadly it is sold out.
As usually it's a 32 mm scale, the base is 4 cm wide.

The model was painted for a friend of mine who is totally crazy for this chatacter.
In the article you will also find a 360° video and many stereoscopic pictures, so click on read more!

360° video:

Stereoscopic pictures:

How does it work?
Watch the two pictures.
Cross your eyes and you will see that the images will start to converge.
Focus on the central one and relax you eyes. Use the white dots as guides, and superimpose them.
When you'll menage to control it, you will see a 3D image of the model. Now you will notice 3 images.
I know that it is quite hard at the begining since you do not know exactly what you are searching for... you just need a bit of pratice.
Click on the image to open at higher resolution.

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