Monday, December 10, 2012

MiniAkh's new blog

Hello everybody! Here it is, the new blog is finally online. As you can see actually it's not very different from, so why did I change it? Because I'm lazy! :D Yes that's the real reason!
Blogspot offers a lot of cool gadgets/widgets and connections already done and tested. Hopefully with this new system I'll be able to make more updates.
Anyway I'm actually working on the tutorial section, translating into English all the guides I've written in Italian for the modelling website that I admin along with other friends, . Anyway it will not be a fast task :D
Another cool news is that now onward you can comment my posts! Wooooow that's amazing! As you can see it's everything kinda work in progress (graphics, fonts, layout, etc...),I'm still slowly coping all the articles in this blog so the past contents will keep growing in these days.
Enjoy with paining!

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