Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deathwing Terminator Master - wip #2

Second update with my Deathwing Terminator Master.
As you can see, I'm painting this model using a mixed technique with airbrush and normal brush. I've used the airbrush to get a smoother base and a general sense of the volumes and of the shadows. Lights and shadows were repainted with a lot of layers of glazes.
Still a lot to do on the torso.
I'll probably will not paint battle damages on this model in order to recreate a kind of ceremony armor.
I started with the idea to finish this miniature for yesterday, but as you can see I'm still very far from the end.
This model will be sold on E-Bay soon.

The picture of the back is almost useless since I'll add a Terminator cloak that will cover almost everything.

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